The New Economy

The New Economy Project – Has Partnered With…
The New Economy Coin (TNE) – an Independent Digital Currency
TNE Comes With Many Unique Features – (not seen elsewhere)
** These Features May Be Empowering – FOR THE PEOPLE

6 Ways you Can
Help Build A New Economy…

Please select the way you want to contribute that best resonates
with you and fill out the corresponding form(s).

If you would like to participate in multiple ways, please complete multiple forms.

1. Farmer

If you’re a farmer (or know a farmer) who would like to help us build The New Economy Project by making food available, we would love to work with you. We’re flexible and open to exploring how we can work together. We can consider helping you with Bio-Diesel, Solar, or help at the Farm. Let’s collaborate to create a sustainable and independent economy.

2. Help – IE. Give time to Farmers – Pick up used oil or help in some other way

We have people committing time on a regular basis – some help our farmers, some help us pick up used vegetable oil to convert to Biodiesel for our farmer, some help us pack veggie boxes and non-perishable items to be delivered to our community. Other key ways to contribute, is giving time to help with Cleaning, Gardening, Babysitting, Labouring, General Maintenance and Home Schooling. The key is you have time and can commit to helping in some way because you know we need the New Economy.

3. REFER OTHERS (Who do you know)

You could choose to help expand The New Economy Project and earn generous rewards by inviting, sharing or as we like to call it referring other like-minded people, businesses, Farmers and networks to either buy TNE, accept TNE as payment in their business or commit their time. We are looking for people, business owners and Farmers who have the capacity and desire to participate and we welcome your referrals.

4. Business owner

If you own a business and want to help us build The New Economy Project by accepting 100% TNE as payment for your products and/or services, we would love to work with you. By accepting 100% TNE, you can receive reward coins for participating and use them to buy from other like-minded business owners in our community.

5. surplus / assets

If you have excess or surplus produce, products, building supplies, inventory, livestock, or other resources that you can make them available to us in exchange for Food, Bio-Diesel, and/or TNE. We welcome your contribution to our community.

6. Buy TNE Coins

You can purchase TNE coins with cash at early buyer pricing. By purchasing TNE coins, you are saying yes to building A New Economy and growing a digital asset that offers compounding rewards in your TNE wallet every day at between 12% – 20%.