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The New Economy Coin (TNE) – an Independent Digital Currency
TNE Comes With Many Unique Features – (not seen elsewhere)
** These Features May Be Empowering – FOR THE PEOPLE

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Personal Freedom and Independence.



Step 1 : Empowering The people
Step 2 : Empowering The people

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Overview – Step 2 – In Text

Many people are feeling the pressure and stress with the instability in the world right now. There’s a feeling of uncertainty and that significant change is needed.

Over the next 30 minutes, I’ll share with you how The New Economy Project offers an alternative —a solution— to the instability and uncertainty we currently face. The New Economy Project is a collaboration, a community of like-minded people, Farmers, business owners all coming together with a shared goal to create an entire ecosystem…

A New Model for A New Economy that is Built for the people.

For this new model to succeed and the ecosystem to thrive we need a currency. A currency we can trust. A currency that aligns with the vision and intention of the New Economy.

The New Economy Project has partnered with The New Economy Coin, an Independent Digital Currency, also known as TNE. Their intention is to provide a trusted digital currency for the people and a naturally expanding economy; one that allows us all to enjoy significantly more freedoms.


The foundations of a New Model for A New Economy are grounded in the understanding that certain foundational elements are essential for an economy to succeed. These elements include food production, farmers, trades, healthcare, and businesses. These sectors play a crucial role in creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem…Starting with food. Food is the foundation!

If food can be available for TNE, then there’s a solid basis to build an expanding economy.

This is why Farmers really are such a valuable part of any economy!

So we want to help farmers reduce their Costs…

We can help them with access to things like: used vegetable oil that they can then turn into Biodiesel – to help save on the cost of diesel, Timber, Trades and Labour just to name a few.

This means the farmer has less cash expenses – therefore can afford to make more food available.


When considering TNE as a currency for trade, we’ve learned there’s something called, “The cash consideration.” That is, the actual cost involved for the farmer to make the food available for our chosen currency (TNE).

Of course the Farmer is always going to have business expenses they need to consider; things like wholesale vs retail, labour and general operating costs, and this can create a pause in how they contribute….

So, how can we solve this?

One option is by creating cost savings.

In other words, if we can help farmers reduce some of their everyday cash expenses…they will have a greater capacity to make food available for TNE.

What is really essential here, is that the Farmer does want to contribute to the creation of a New economy – they simply want to be able to afford to do so.

By helping farmers – a powerful domino effect can now be created…

– Farmers Make Food Available For TNE – is Step One.

– Savings For Farmers – is Step Two.

Now we have food available from Farmers for TNE…this means we can potentially help other essential businesses, such as TRADES, HEALTH CARE and PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, with immediate cash savings, so they too can make more available for TNE!



Let’s be clear – when we say Blockchain technology – we’re NOT talking about Traditional Crypto.

We’re talking about – a full and complete ecosystem – with an intention to be giving and empowering – an ecosystem that focuses on trust, versus uncertainty.

Blockchain technology provides a way of trading with someone, anywhere in the world, all without the need for a 3rd party – like a bank.

For example, if you wanted to sell a product using The New Economy Coin (TNE) digital currency, all you’d need is the seller’s wallet address & you can send the funds straight to them..

It’s very similar to doing a bank transfer but rather than BSB and account number you simply use the TNE wallet address.

Transactions are safe, secure, simple and easy to do in a matter of seconds – Almost Instant


Let’s be clear – when we say Blockchain technology – we’re NOT talking about Traditional Crypto.

The TNE Coin is built on its own independent blockchain.

This is really important.

You see, most cryptocurrencies don’t have their own blockchain…it’s common for cryptocurrencies to rent out their blockchain to other cryptocurrencies, which allows them to make a significant amount of money.

However, this can greatly slow down transaction speeds & increases the costs for the user (you and me).

It’s similar to how major telephone companies rent out their phone lines to the smaller telephone companies to use. There’s one main company that owns the lines, and the others simply rent from them.

The New Economy (TNE) exists to always serve the best interest of the people.

They have committed to maintain the integrity of their independent blockchain, and offer low cost transactions and high transaction speeds (for their users).

Now they can only do this because they have built and own, their own blockchain.

Which is no small feat as it required 10+ coders building it for nearly a year; a commitment we’ve not seen any other Independent Digital Currencies make.


The New Economy Coin (TNE) is also a Native Coin.

A native coin means being able to write their own ‘rules’ or what’s known as Smart Contracts, into the Coin itself.

The New Economy (TNE) has taken a look at what’s worked well before, what can be improved, and have created their own digital currency.

We believe the TNE coin has all the features needed to create a currency that provides security and growth to The New Economy Project, and the world.

Again, these features are only possible because they have their own native blockchain. This really sets The TNE Coin apart from the majority of digital currencies available, and means they don’t have the limitations many do.

Anchored Coin

The TNE Coin is Anchored to the last highest price of gold on the exchange…

Let’s just take that in for a moment…Not the price of gold, but the last highest price of gold on the exchange. And it’s calculated every 24 hours. This is in an attempt to reduce the volatility we commonly see in traditional crypto.

This is important so it can be seen as a reliable currency for business owners and everyday transactions.

To show how innovative and thoughtful it is, here’s a brief description…

TNE is a digital currency with an algorithm built in that attempts to influence supply and demand in order to benefit the TNE coin.

More detail on this can be accessed via the TNE Whitepaper.


TNE has consensus.

So what is Consensus?

From the perspective of currency…Consensus simply means agreement of value.

Here’s a great example…

If I show you two notes, a $50 note and $100 note… we can both agree that the $100 note is worth more than the $50 note…

But why is that? Neither of these notes are backed by anything. Why is one worth double the other?

The value of each note is given by our agreement, or consensus, of its value. It is us that holds the power of consensus. We get to choose where we place our value, or our consensus.

When a business owner agrees to accept The New Economy (TNE) Digital Currency, they choose to bring the power of consensus to TNE. (simple but so powerful)

This really is exciting to consider…Thousands of people around the world are already purchasing, accepting and trading with the TNE Digital Currency! People who simply want and know – we need something better for our future, and the future of our families.


A dynamic feature that makes the The New Economy Coin (TNE) stand out from traditional cryptocurrencies is Compounding rewards. Compounding rewards are delivered to TNE wallet holders because each wallet holder agrees to participate in the network.

As a result of agreeing to this participation – and supporting TNE – Rewards are offered.

Currently The TNE Coin delivers compounding rewards at 16% P/A – directly in The TNE Wallet.

Many people realise the incredible value of compounding rewards. In fact, Einstein once referred to compounding as The 8th Wonder of the World.

Here’s something important to consider..

We believe that humans are innately generous, and would be more generous given an increased capacity to do so.

By accumulating the TNE Digital Currency and receiving compounding rewards into your TNE wallet – we begin to expand our own personal capacity to give.

We want to see a world where generosity is a daily occurrence! Once again, this can be made possible – with the power of compounding rewards delivered directly to the TNE Wallet, opening up more opportunities for you to be

The TNE Wallet – Is People Focused!

Whilst many wallets in the blockchain arena seem to be built for traders and those that are otherwise tech savvy The TNE wallet is surprisingly simple to figure out.

It so closely mimics how we’re already used to doing transfers so essentially no learning curve at all. TNE boasts that many non-tech people “can use it.” If adoption is important for a digital currency then this is yet another big advantage for TNE.


The TNE Coin also has a detailed succession & governance strategy that was developed using top experts for further confidence.

Independent exchange and ecosystem

TNE is also building their own exchange. This is to avoid, as best as possible, the uncertainty often experienced with the traditional cryptocurrency exchanges… This independant exchange is built for the Peoples with the same purity of intention.


Let’s talk about the TNE wallet…

Your TNE wallet is entirely yours and can only be accessed by you. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, TNE does not have access to your wallet and has no way of recovering contents of your wallet.

The wallet itself is easy to navigate & use.

You get up to 25 free transactions/ day, and speeds of up to 2000/sec!

Once this lands for you – when you truly understand the power & potential of what The New Economy (TNE) Digital Currency can do for everyday people and businesses…. Your whole world suddenly expands, and it opens up a whole new perspective!

You can’t go back to the old way of thinking! and THIS is why we are so excited!

Think about it…Freedom comes from having a choice….

The currency we use is just that – it’s a choice. And It’s really important that we’re deliberate and careful in considering this choice.

Even though we’re being presented with alternative options for currency and trade often…such as barter, gold, silver and traditional cryptocurrencies… in our opinion, these options are still lacking in one or more ways…

– Usability

– High transaction costs

– Volatility

– Inconvenience

– Transactability


– Limitations on location

We believe that once you fully consider all that The TNE Coin has to offer – you’ll feel the same way we do…that TNE is destined to become the leading digital currency of choice!


By now, you’ll either feel a resonance with what’s been shared, or, compelled to find out more.

Most people who choose to join us do so with immense gratitude and relief that there is something else – something that has already been built – and they are excited to participate and help expand it further!

We have an exciting model – something we feel hasn’t been done before, and yet, so simple to understand and to execute.

Plus, it’s such an innovative form of currency to trade with.

And this digital currency is also at the same time, a highly regarded digital asset you can choose to purchase and accumulate.

A MASSIVE achievement to date is the growth of the project from merely an idea…to an entire community all using and transacting with TNE as a currency…

We have a Directory of businesses, all offering their products or services for 100% TNE – which means, you have access to a growing number of ways to use & spend your TNE Digital Currency.

As the Directory grows, so does your spending capacity – and to help this happen even quicker, you can recommend & REFER more aligned businesses….

Increasingly there is more and more available for TNE…

– We’ve had people paying their rent to their landlord.

– We’ve had people adopting TNE as payment for their income, replacing some of their fiat (cash) income.

– Thousands of litres of used vegetable oil are being repurposed with Farmers who are turning it into BioDiesel.


– There’s a sawmill, sawmiller and property for the milling.

– A valuable block of land was purchased.

And even Large 5-figure purchases have been done for cattle and sheep, solar and building supplies…all for 100% TNE.

This simply would not be possible without the willingness of others, just like you. Willing to see how they can contribute, in exchange for TNE as a form of payment.


This could be in one or more of the following ways…


You might choose to take advantage of buying the TNE Coin at early buyer pricing and bonus coin offer.

Sell Assets

You might consider selling assets in exchange for TNE

like a caravan, a car, a motorbike, a sawmill, land, equipment, building materials, this list could go on.


As a business owner accepting TNE, as a payment method, it’s possible to create an additional source of income.

So how might this look for you and your business?

As a business owner you have your regular fixed costs like wages, rent, electricity, insurance…. You may have regular quiet times or days with less business –

So what if, by accepting The TNE Digital Currency as an additional form of payment you could, not only fill those empty tables or free hours in the day, you could also be accumulating a Digital Asset at the same time

Maybe you’re a farmer who has produce or seconds you could sell, so you can accumulate TNE?

Are you a health care provider that has the capacity for New Patients?

As a tradesperson do you have the capacity to offer your time and receive TNE as payment in return for your services?

Alternatively, maybe you own a retail store? Just imagine the possibility of receiving TNE digital currency as an additional form of payment in your business.

The most important thing is that this is a collaboration, and you come with a Contribution mindset, ready & open to finding ways to make this work for you, your business and The New Economy Ecosystem.

Ultimately, we’re looking for business owners with the capacity and desire to contribute to growing a giving, fair, supportive Economy.


You can help key community members expand The New Economy!

By helping our farmers, helping us pick up used vegetable oil or help us pack food boxes to be delivered to the community.

The key is you have time and can commit to helping in some way because you know there’s value in creating a New Economy.


You could choose to help us expand the project, and in return, earn generous rewards. Simply by inviting, sharing or as we like to call it, referring other like-minded people, businesses and networks to either buy TNE digital currency, accept TNE as payment in their business or commit their time.


So Imagine being part of a growing community across, where everyone is contributing to this creation in some way.

You will begin to accumulate TNE – A digital asset that is anchored to the last highest price of gold on the exchange…..with compounding rewards deposited to your very own TNE Wallet.

– You get access to a growing number of businesses, where you have a simple way to purchase a wide range of products & services for 100% TNE, with up to 25 free, almost instant transactions a day

This truly is A New Economy that is built for all people to thrive!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of this solution & create a whole new future for yourself & your family ..

Doesn’t it feel like a good idea … it does.. doesn’t it, to participate in one way or another…..

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